Westref have the flexibility to custom-make a wide variety of items

  • Network of international partners
  • Solution-provider approach
  • Everything from simple custom sizing to a completely new design
  • Confidentiality assured

Custom Made Ceramics And Fire Assay Machinery

As leaders in innovation, at Westref we pride ourselves on designing cutting edge products and technology to meet the rapidly changing needs of the mining industry worldwide.With over 20 years of experience, we can custom-make a wide variety of items including ceramics and fire assay machinery to suit your specifications.

As a small family business focused on providing solutions, you will receive the very best in personalised service.

Let us do the work in helping you achieve your business goals. We can make everything from simple custom sizing to a completely new design.

In 2007, Westref changed the landscape of the mining industry with the creation of the first successful automatic fire assay flux dispensing system.This global innovation which led to many copycat knockoffs being produced.

This is just one example of Westref’s future-focused designs created to accommodate client’s needs for safer, smarter, faster and more affordable equipment.

“Reliable, driven, family business that provides quality products and will work diligently with its partners towards mutual success.”

Anonymous customer survey submission, 2016

“I hope you can keep producing such wonderful products and expand the range of your products”

Head of Fire Assay

“We have been using Western Refractories Fire Assay Flux, Crucibles and Cupels for the past six years at our Laboratory in Metro Perth and have had virtually no issues with the quality of the products or timely supply.”

Laboratory Manager Perth, Western Australia

“WR’s level of support, commitment to partnering, response time and desire to constantly improve are exceptional.”

Procurement Lead Perth, Western Australia