Sustainability Strategy

We understand that our future success depends on our ability to mitigate any negative environmental and social impacts in our value chain, and create positive impacts with our customers, employees and suppliers.

This is why our Sustainability Strategy covers significant environmental, social and governance issues in all parts of our business, from our supply chain to operations and employees and our customers.

The strategy supports the Westref business strategy and our vision to be known as the most flexible, economical, and customer-focused supplier of mining and laboratory solutions in the world.

Through robust systems and processes and stakeholder engagement, look for ways to continually improve our environmental and safety performance, as well as our operational efficiency.



Our Vision

To be known as the most flexible, economical, and customer-focused supplier of mining and laboratory solutions in the world

Although we are a small business and our environmental footprint is small, we are working to progressively reduce our resource consumption. We are currently taking steps to establish our baseline performance, set targets and reduce our environmental impact.
We are committed to operating our business to high ethical standards and integrity. We will maintain strong governance systems that enable us to comply with laws and regulations, mitigate risks and build trust and confidence in our customers.
We will support our customers meet their sustainability commitments by being transparent and open about our business, and by helping our customers use and discard our products responsibly.

We are a small team, attracting talented people and retaining them is important for our business sustainability. We try to provide a safe and rewarding workplace that supports performance improvement and skills development.
We source raw materials for our assay products, crucibles, cupels from suppliers in developing countries. We are committed to working our suppliers to identify potential issues adopt high environmental and labour standards.
We believe that by managing our sustainability impacts, we can find efficiencies in our business processes and operations and drive innovations in products and services. We will continue to seek more efficient and innovative ways of doing things so that we can reduce costs and support business growth.